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At Bruno, we believe that building a successful school community requires involvement from teachers, staff, students, and parents. Our PTO is a great place for parents, teachers and administrators to support each other, discuss ideas, and come together with the common goal of providing quality education for our students.

Armchair Fundraiser

Our 2021 Armchair Fundraiser has kicked off ! Funds raised from this event will go toward much needed improvements to our gymnasium.

We need your help to succeed…and it’s SO EASY!   DONATE HERE

The fundraiser will run from November 30 – December 21.


To make this more exciting, we have set up the following fundraising goals for each class. Let’s see if your little ones can meet or exceed these goals!

Preschool - $100

Lower Elementary - 150

Upper Elementary - $250

Middle School - $275


Corporate Sponsorship

  • Corporate sponsorship is a Tax-Deductible donation toward the program, with the funds supporting the fundraising goals of individual participants.
  • For a minimum donation of $500, the business’s name and logo will be featured on all the Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy Gymnasium Fundraiser webpage.