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Bruno Fund

The mission of Joseph S. Bruno Montessori Academy is to provide children and families with an education according to Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Our focus is not only to educate our students, but also to model a commitment to creating peace and care for the environment for years to come.  At Bruno Montessori, we treat each child as an individual, building on their strengths and abilities to become life-long global learners. We do this by exploring how the traditional Montessori curriculum can be combined with current best practices in education as well as technological advances, to develop a successful group of 21st-century learners.

Tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of educating our students and, as a nonprofit school, Bruno Montessori receives no financial support from the federal government or any state or local government.

We established an annual giving drive, The Bruno Fund, to help INSPIRE, CULTIVATE, and SUPPORT the school and its mission.

Recently, gifts to The Bruno Fund helped pay for updates to the Middle School Building and new textbooks to support our reading and math curriculum.

Every gift given to Bruno Montessori is meaningful.  Whether it's $25 or $10,000, your support is necessary to ensure that Bruno Montessori continues to provide a unique educational experience for every student.

Levels of Giving

Whispering Pines Society

     Benefactor $10,000 and above

     Patron $5,000 - $9,999

     Supporter $1,000 - 4,999

Blue and Green Circle

     Builder $750 - $999

     Developer $250 - $749

     Creator up to $249


Attending a private school can be costly and we want to remove as many barriers as possible for families who want to attend our school. Charging families the actual cost of attending will greatly reduce our student population, only increasing the cost. We firmly believe in the Montessori method as an educational platform and want to share it with students and their families. By not charging the full cost, we can welcome more families into our school community.

The JBMA Fund supports the Montessori curriculum at our school. We purchase only the best quality Montessori materials for our students to use. These materials last a long time, but through repeated use, get worn down and need to be replaced. The JBMA Fund helps maintain these materials and supports their replacement.

A successful annual fund helps subsidize the cost of professional development for our teachers, keeping them at the forefront of trends in education and within the Montessori community.

The Bruno Fund also furnishes the monies required to maintain the grounds and buildings, which serve our children’s innate desire to explore and discover in the unique and engaging learning environment that Bruno Montessori provides.

Every gift to the school is meaningful, no matter how big or small. Whether it's $25 or $10,000, your support is necessary to ensure that Bruno Montessori continues to provide a unique educational experience for every student.