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Our Upper Elementary program offers a dynamic and modern educational experience within a newly renovated environment. We prioritize the holistic development of our students. They actively participate in their education, cultivating enthusiasm and a sense of ownership. We spark curiosity and nurture critical thinking habits by engaging in STEM and cultural activities, presented in both whole and small group lessons.

Our program follows a multi-age, 3-year cycle, which builds confidence and competency in students. Moving from concrete materials to abstract understanding, while fostering a strong sense of community, students progress at their own pace with support from our dedicated educators.

With a low student-to-educator ratio, our students receive personalized instruction tailored to their unique needs. Students plot their course of studies through our custom curriculum roadmap. Their individualized curriculum plan guides them with small group lessons as waypoints. During the work cycle, they utilize our tracking system to plan their days and weeks, ensuring they make meaningful progress in their academic pursuits. Each student has a Chromebook, enhancing their learning experience through writing, research, coding, and STEM-related activities.

In addition to core subjects, our curriculum includes engaging cultural studies such as History, Science, and Geography. Through interactive games, role-playing, and immersive activities, students move beyond memorization to truly understand and empathize with historical figures and events.

Beyond the classroom, our students participate in special programs such as the Junior United Nations of Alabama (JUNA) and attend an overnight environmental camp. Thematic field trips to Space Camp, Camp McDowell, Birmingham Children’s Theater, and Birmingham Squadron Basketball Games engage students in real-world experiences, enriching their learning journey.

Overall, our Upper Elementary program provides a supportive and engaging environment where students can develop academically, socially, and emotionally as they continue their self-discovery and lifelong learning journey.